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Plastic doors What is WPC plastic wood?
WPC plastic doors are a high-class door that is widely used in advanced countries.
Level B1 fireproof level, so when a fire occurs, WPC door will not be burned like natural wooden doors or normal plastic materials.
This helps limit the possibility of a fire spreading.
Materials and construction of WPC plastic wood doors
– Material composition of WPC plastic door:
Plastic wood door structure is composite material consisting of wood pulp (bamboo) plastic and some other components.
The door is molded into Panel type, machined and cut to the desired size.
– Structure of wings and molds, plastic WPC door braces:
WPC plastic wood doors can be 35, 40 or 45 mm thick.
– As a form of panel molded into panels, the surface is covered with wood grain or colored paint After cutting shape, use edge gluing machine to paste the splint 38 – 48mm thick 2mm wood grain to complete the wing.
For different design requirements, aluminum braces, plastic braces, glass panels, and lightning can be used to create the desired door forms.
The two sides of the hinged and locked door sections are reinforced with 2 plastic wooden rods to ensure the door’s consistency.
– For buildings that require high soundproofing at both ends (about 300mm) will be filled with foam to ensure sound insulation.
– Mold structure, brace:
+ WPC plastic mold and mold frame, made of WPC plastic bar covered with wood grain, has a hardening and aesthetic effect.
+ There are two popular mold systems of WPC plastic doors: 100 mm mold system (for drywall walls) and 115 mm mold systems (for wall 110); If the wall 250 takes time to wait for the mold to set.
For larger walls such as 140-160 toilet wall sizes will be adjusted with 2-sided splints.
Advantages and disadvantages of WPC plastic doors
Like other gateways, WPC gates also have advantages and disadvantages:
– Lightweight door, minimizing the possibility of wing drooping after a period of use
– Products with many colors, diverse designs, high aesthetics; suitable for works with modern and gentle architectural styles
– Good moisture resistance
– No warping, shrinkage, termite like natural wooden doors
– Ability to soundproof, heat insulation, smooth opening and closing doors
– The product does not contain toxic substances for user health and the environment
– Easy to clean when the door is dusty, dirty
– In terms of certainty, WPC doors are not equal to natural wooden doors or steel doors and therefore are rarely used for exterior doors



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