ABS door

What is ABS plastic door?
ABS plastic doors are a high-grade door that is widely used in advanced countries ..
The reason is that ABS plastic material is effective against fire spread, so when a fire happens, ABS door will not be burned like natural wooden door or normal plastic material.
This helps limit the possibility of a fire spreading.
Material and structure of ABS plastic doors
– Material composition of ABS plastic doors:
Two main materials are made of ABS plastic doors and ABS plastic and honeycomb (honeycomb paper).
ABS plastic is a flexible plastic, short for 3 components including Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styren.
This material is superior to the traditional materials of hardness, gloss, toughness and impact resistance.
When used as a door, the material is vacuum-pressed in a non-pressurized environment, creating a sturdy and sharp plastic sheet.
The middle material is honeycomb (with good sound insulation, heat insulation and bearing capacity) and hardening material.
Particularly the frame made of WPC plastic bar covered with wood grain, is moisture resistant.
– Wing and mold structure, ABS plastic door braces:
40 mm thick ABS plastic door, including:
– Top surface layer is synthetic plastic sheet, wood grain color
– Wing surface is 2 layers of thick ABS plastic plastic.
When used as a door, ABS plastic is vacuum-pressed, creating a sturdy plastic sheet with sharp edges.
– The middle material is honeycomb with sound insulation, heat insulation and good strength, reducing the weight of the wing.
Natural wood frame has been impregnated, dried for locking and hinges to create long-term sustainability.
Mold structure, brace:
+ Mold, ABS plastic door frame made of Wpc plastic bar covered with wood grain has a hardening effect on the mold


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